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Artisanal jam of the Monts d’Arrée


A symphony of flavours a in a pot of jam

and greediness in a pot of caramel cream with salt from Guérande




            Situated in the center of Brittany, the factory « Les 4 Saisons », offers you her artisanal jams of the Monts d’Arrée since 1988.

Our products are elaborated in an artisanal way and in the rules of art, and you will have the pleasure to rediscover the delicious sensation of your grandmother’s jams..

For our jams, we have the best fruits. We choose this place, the heart of Brittany, for its wild beauty and its authenticity. We couldn’t have found a better place for a product that we want to be the closest possible to nature. For example, a part of our strawberries come from Plougastel.

Nowadays, times have changed but the requirement of quality is still the same.

In the cooking workshop of the 4 Saisons, in Huelgoat, a delicious sweetened odor emanates from 6 copper cauldrons. Between 300 and 400kg of strawberries and sugar have been boiling for about 2 hours, after that comes the putting in bottles.



 One of the keys of the success of the 4 Saisons lies in the demanding selection of fruits and the care which is given to them. The sugar as always been used at the rate of 40% of sugar for at least 60% of fruits, from the beginning of the elaboration of the jam, which guaranteed it all the authenticity of its aroma. The fruits are cooked in opened copper cauldrons under a fire heat.


The 4 Saisons offers about 20 different flavours of jams, where the quantity of fruits can reach 70% like the violet figs from the Var’s jam. The company also proposes a caramel cream with salt from Guérande which is a great success, this cream won the price of the Best Innovation 2008 given by the association « produced in Brittany », whose the company is part of. The innovation from 2012 is a new presentation of this product in a flexible bottle to facilitate its use.

 « Beside the great classics of the jam which are strawberry, apricot and rhubarb, we also propose fruits with nobler origin : clementines from Corsica, violet figs from the Var, strawberry from Plougastel, rhubarb from the Trégor, raspberry form the Pays Léonard or an onion jam with onions from Roscoff. »

All the jams will brighten your « crepes », pancakes, slices of bread and brioche, but will also perfume your yoghourts and soft white cheese. As for the creams, caramel and lemon, there are delicious with bread slices but could also be precious ingredients for pastry making and make wonder in class casings and pies.



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